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We've designed our process to be as customer friendly as possible.
To best support your business no matter the requirement

Bespoke, Professional Design

Each of our design is a professional design made with custom accordingly your requirements just for you! We design Awesome!

Very Affordable

Committed business growing here. Just clear, simple, affordable prices with Kick-Ass results

Speedy Delivery

We work extremely hard to make sure we create all the website design in a Flash!. With targeted delivery within 21 days on most orders.


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Designed with just for you!

Beautifully responsive designed to fit all the devices(Like Mobile, Tablet, Desktop).

You always look Flaming Hot with our desktop, table and mobile friendly designs. Which fit all available devices.

Easy to work, Easy to use!

We create a platform where you can manage all the actions like, Save, Edit, upload and you're done to manage your cms!

Increase 50% Conversation Rate!

Responsive seo friendly website increase 50% conversation rate on the google or any other browser!

Generate more Revenue!

A good clean website build your trust with customer and do more business and help to reach more professional.!

Learning Courses

Are you curious about web design? I can help you learn web development. Also, I can train someone on your team on how to update or edit your existing website.

Below are the things I'm with you to make your company/business grow.

Learn the web in the language you are comfortable.

Your friendly foreigner Web Designer & Developer and some more

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First of all, we will get to know you and your company. Not only your company colours and logo etc, but what it is your ideas, you would like to acheive and what your personal solutions might be to make it better. After that our designers do their magic and design a totally bespoke website just for you or your team. We then send it over to you for approval and "hey-presto" we're in business.

Yes! You can change and we connect on call to disucuss further for 30 min or more. If you have any questions or concerns and you want any amendments, we are open to discussion to fit or You want to add new functionalities we're always to upgrade the website as far as you want.

Most of the time we'll have your website design ready for approval in a Flash but occasionally our workload does increase so instead we aim to have your design ready for approval within 30 days. For updates on orders already paid for, email:

We have created a basic website working knowledge courses. Where you can learn how you can make customize the website . We will share you the dashboard details if it is any of the popular cms like wordpress / wooCommerce, squarespace, wix, kajabi, shopify etc, and guide you how you can use your dashboard to manage your content for the website. You will be able to manage all the inventory if it is an eCommerce website. If it brochure website you will be able to manage the pages and post and you can also the basic content etc. If you are curious to learn more then we have training-modules and we'll guide how you can work with your website and you can build new one for more information

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    Our customers unconditionally love! Read what they have to say below. Hashim, Islam, Charles, shahid, Simon, Cassandra, Harpreet, Iquo.

    Website development. Very responsive and a delight to work with. Excellent work delivered for a reasonable price.

    Hashim Attahiru

    Owner Xiara Health, LLC.

    Sharukh is a highly dedicated professional who follows up closely on his work, and focuses on delivering results.

    Islam Abdelwahab

    CEO at Wisely Insure.

    I engaged Shahrukh to develop a new business website and have been not only delighted with his work but also highly impressed by his skill, knowledge, work ethic and professionalism. At all times he was supportive, he offered excellent advice and importantly did what he said he would do - on time delivery to a very high standard. He is an extremely talented and conscientious developer and I'm continuing to employ his services for my business web and SEO growth. If you are thinking of outsourcing your web development and SEO requirements, I highly recommend you look no further and connect with Shahrukh

    Charles Whattoff

    Coaching Psychologist & e-Learning champion 🏆.

    Shahrukh has a tremendous knowledge of web design & development technologies like wordpress, WooCoomcerce, shopify and squarespace. He has a strong desire to provide quality service . It is a great pleasure to work with!

    Shahid Hasan

    Co-Founder at Webtechnologyexpert.

    Shahrukh Khan will deliver anytime you ask for his service. He is a great web designer and web developer with with the right skills and expertise.

    Simon Senaya

    Account preparation |Auditing.

    Knowledgable technical expert. You must try

    Harpreet Singh

    Digital Marketing Specialist at Confidential

    I was tired of my old website and felt it needed a makeover; therefore, I reached out to a few designers on LinkedIN for assistance but didn’t make a decision instantly.
    Shahrukh consistently kept in contact with me and kept providing solutions to my many questions. Eventually, I decided to redesign it myself; however, Shahrukh is the consultant I used to assist me in doing it by myself.
    He invested many hours reviewing it as I made changes and rewriting specific CSS coding I wanted to implement to make it look more appealing to the eye.
    He was very attentive, extremely patient and professional with me through the entire process regardless of how many changes I made. I would advise you to hire him to design your entire site or to act as your consultant if you choose to try it yourself.

    Cassandra Govan

    Accredited Wealth Mentor | Behavior Consultant

    He is diligent and a great problem solver. I have used him on several projects and I've found him to be a highly skilled Developer. You won't have to wonder if he is on a track he will check regularly with updates of statues. He's a great find.

    Iquo Inyang

    Digital Marketing · Content Marketing

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    Having some bugs in the code

    Looking to supercharge your coding skills.
    We've faced many time and sharing you to help you to do that.

    How to create Plugin in simple in wordpress

    First you need to create a file or directory in the plugins directory

    Let show you a test plugin

    Create a file name test-plugin.php in the plugins directory

    Enter the below content in the file

       Plugin Name: Test Plugin  
        Description: This is just a test plugin to print "Hello world! Plugin is running!
        Plugin URI:
            Version: 1..1 or something
         License: GPLv2 or later

    Read More
    June 2, 2021
    Shahrukh Khan

    How to write media queries in css ?

    Media queries help to create a responsive website or landing page. These are the breakpoint and we set them accordingly to the devices such mobile,, tablet, desktop etc. by using width and height to break the layout and the code.
    Media Types

    All – Use for all devicesPrint – use only for print device聽Screen – use only screensSpeech – Use for speech devices

    Types of breakpoints for screens :聽Mobile Device – Small Devices, Tablet Devices

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    May 15, 2021
    Shahrukh Khan

    How to saturate or filter image in css

    The filter css property is used to apply a graphical effects to an element like bluring or color shifting. Filters are commonly used to adjust the rendering of images colors, background, borders etc.

    There are many available properties in css to achieve filter effects.

    Filter: noneFilter: blur()filter: brightness()聽filter: contrast()聽filter: drop-shadow()聽filter: grayscale()聽filter: hue-rotate()聽filter: invert()聽filter: opacity()聽filter: saturate()聽filter: sepia()聽filter: url();

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    Shahrukh Khan

    How to color html svg element using css ?

    Once my colleague told me or I also faced this problem with svg icons is that svg icons don’t match the color of text. In fact this was a huge problem, I was stuck that time but there is a pretty solution for this I didn’t think that time. To color a svg we use fill:colorname!

                        svg {
                          fill: colorName;
                        svg {
                          fill: #454454;
                        svg {
                          border: 5px solid #636363;
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    Shahrukh Khan

    What is variable and How to create variable in css ?

    Custom property defined in css that contain a specific values to be reused throughtout the document. In a large website there is a large amount of css code with a lot of repeated values. The same color can be used 2 or more places or even hundreds of different places. So Custom properties allow us to stored value in one place and reuse on other places.

                      element {
                        --main-bg-color: colorname;
                      :root {
                       --main-bg-color: colorname;

    Read More
    May 8, 2021
    Shahrukh Khan