How to create Plugin in simple in wordpress

First you need to create a file or directory in the plugins directory

Let show you a test plugin

Create a file name test-plugin.php in the plugins directory

Enter the below content in the file

   Plugin Name: Test Plugin  
    Description: This is just a test plugin to print "Hello world! Plugin is running!
    Plugin URI:

        Version: 1..1 or something
     License: GPLv2 or later

How to saturate or filter image in css

The filter css property is used to apply a graphical effects to an element like bluring or color shifting. Filters are commonly used to adjust the rendering of images colors, background, borders etc.

There are many available properties in css to achieve filter effects.

 Filter: none Filter: blur() filter: brightness() filter: contrast() filter: drop-shadow() filter: grayscale() filter: hue-rotate() filter: invert() filter: opacity() filter: saturate() filter: sepia() filter: url();

What is variable and How to create variable in css ?

Custom property defined in css that contain a specific values to be reused throughtout the document. In a large website there is a large amount of css code with a lot of repeated values. The same color can be used 2 or more places or even hundreds of different places. So Custom properties allow us to stored value in one place and reuse on other places.

                  element {
                    --main-bg-color: colorname;
                  :root {
                   --main-bg-color: colorname;