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I am your foreigner-friendly designer - developer and much more. Sometime people called Remote Developer / Freelancer Developer.

Easy to hire me.

I hold myself to high standards, and provide high value for the investment you make in my skills and quality. All of my work is, by choice:

  • Standard-complaint.
  • Optimized for mobile. I love to take a mobile-first approach to building front-ends for the website / landing pages.
  • Fully responsive and tested across various devices such as mobile tablets, laptop, desktop and browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox.
  • Cross-browser compatible. While I don't optimize for older browsers (especially the IEs), the interfaces I build are usually usable in those browsers. A Web site doesn't need to look the same in all browsers. (If you need a developer to create the exact same experience in all browsers, you're probably better off working with me or someone else.)
  • Accessible. A product needs to be usable by users of assistive technologies by default. This is a requirement and something I don't compromise on.
  • Progressively enhanced. This means that the front-end is crafted using semantically marked up content, styled with modern CSS / SCSS flexbox and animated styles, and enhanced with JavaScript for interactivity. My approach ensures that, whenever possible, the content remains accessible and consumable even if the JavaScript doesn't run.
  • Uses the latest in the front-end field. Shiny new CSS Flexbox, grid, with appropriate fallbacks for older browsers as per the previous two points.
  • Vanila Javascript / Javascript Framework I code in vanila JavaScript and also in javascript frameworks in my work.
  • Optimized for performance. The product experience needs to feel lightweight and fast.

I am a foriegner designer - developer and work remotely from my home office, with teams located anywhere and sometimes distributed across the world.

Despite time zone differences, collaboration is usually seamless. Teams I work with often use Slack, Skype and Google meet to communicate and we frequently on Zoom calls as needed to sync and collaborate as well.

I’ve worked with clients in various domains, sectors and markets, but my favorite clients are those working in the following domains that I am personally and professionally passionate about:

  • Healthcare, evironmental care, and general wellbeing
  • Nature & Wildlife. Basically anyone doing good work to make the lives of everyone on this planet (humans, animals and beyond) and the planet itself better.
  • Furniture & Interior Design This feeds my interest in home decor and design in general. If I weren't a Web developer, I’d probably be an interior designer.
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Photography & Magazines.
  • Tech & Education.
  • Retail & Ecommerce.
  • Fashion & Makeup Themes.

I want to make a difference. I want to help make the Web better for everyone. And I want to help make a change in the world, to the better of everyone living in it. If your company is working on a product in any of the fields mentioned above or a product that makes people's lives better in any aspect and in any way and you need someone to help you make it inclusive and accessible to more people, I would love to help you.

In the interest of saving us both some time, here are a few reasons to not get in touch:

  • You're hunting around for the lowest price. I don't compete on prices. And I don’t have a fixed or hourly rate. I charge on a per project/value base, and only provide high quality work that is worth investing in. If you’re just looking for someone to get the work done and are not interested in how, then you should probably be looking somewhere else.
  • You need someone to do quick work. Quick work often means less quality work; and I don’t offer that. But quick work may also mean “starting right away”. I usually have work at hand and thus require at least 2–3 weeks before a project needs to start. This also gives us extra time to learn more about each other and the project, and set clear expectations for both of us.
  • You're looking for someone to consult on your project. I don’t currently offer or provide consultancy services.
  • You're a developer looking for help troubleshooting and fixing your project. If you need help fixing that SVG or CSS issue, please post a question to StackOverflow and tweet me a link to the question and I’ll do my best to help when I can.
  • You want to collaborate with me on a side project. While I appreciate you thinking of me to collaborate with on your ideas, and I will considering working with you, if fits both of us the requirement. If not better find someone else.

You need a designer to design your Web site/app UI. While I have a good skill for design & development, I am not a cheap designer and therefore don’t do any cheap work. I work with designers on the engineering side.

If you’re still with me, then I’d love to hear from you and learn more about what you’re working on.

Drop me a line at shahrukhkhan.developer@gmail.com The more details about your project you include in your message, the faster I will get back to you. You’ll hear back from me within 1–3 business days.

I look forward to hearing from you. :)

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